Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Yoga Exercise Mats Prevent Injury, Add Comfort and are Easy To Pack

Do you love getting your groove on in the gym? What about at home? If you are a fitness fanatic, I'm guessing you probably already have all the impressive exercise equipment I'm thinking of right now.

From the treadmills to the steppers and even the rowing machines! I just hope you have durable exercise mats lying beneath each one. Being such a basic piece of fitness equipment, yet so overlooked and versatile! Have you ever got carpet burns from sit-ups or back blisters? (OUCH!) Or slipped on a laminate surface and strained your ligaments? Believe me - these misfortunes can seriously put you out of action for weeks- so if you need to maintain your Yogic game consider getting some sort of exercise padding / mat or protector beneath your body's temple.

Not only do exercise mats absorb the impact caused by the machines housed in your beloved home gym, but they also keep you safer and more protected during activities like pilates, martial arts and even yoga.

Don't forget that your exercise mats are much more travel friendly than the big cumbersome devices you use to get your heart pumping while you're home. That's right, exercise mats can be taken along when you are on a business trip and staying in a hotel.

Some people forget how easy they are to pack along with them just about anywhere.

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