Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Serenity is Found whilst Meditating Without Clothes - But you may feel a tad bit less silly with some proper flexible yoga clothes on, eh?

How are you doing with your yoga classes? Have you found the serenity that is hidden deep within your own mental balance. Have you meditated under the wise counsel of the yoga gurus?

If you answered yes, that must mean you have managed to find the right combination of yoga clothes, which have made it all possible.

As most of us already know, the two biggest requirements of proper yoga clothes are flexibility and comfort. The preferred fabric for all yoga wear is organic cotton, with its high level of sweat absorption.

If you have ever tried wearing restrictive clothing while practicing yoga, I don't have to tell you how impossible it becomes to "breath" and truly relax. The wrong types of clothing can really ruin an otherwise awesome yoga session.

It's usually best to think as basic as we can when it comes to getting dressed for yoga. Slip into a sports bra, pull a t-shirt over the top of it, then choose between shorts or full length yoga pants.

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