Wednesday, 14 December 2011

KettleBells | Have you tried 'The Ribbon'? | Kettlebell Training

I used to do kungfu – a lot – I mean I was well into kungfu and trained between 2-4 hrs a day since about 12 yrs old before I went to Uni…years after graduation and a few sprogs down the line…to tell you the truth – I don’t know what happened! I went back to try and stir a bit of passion into what I to love. The first session back – I thought I’d ease myself into it –

“Right, we’re going to continue doing our Kettlebell training today guys”. Kettle bells?’ I thought. (See the link for a description of what kettlebells actually are if you didn't already know!). "Kettlebells? Since when did we ever do them?" Isn’t that what girls do at those expensive Gyms? 
I figured we’d be doing some one finger press ups or something – so I went a picked up a 16 Ibs kettle bell weight – ha – easy I thought.
Suffice to say, 2 mins later after swimming out of a puddle of sweat, I had a dimming moment and secretly popped to the side to exchange for a rather hot pink girly 12 Ibs kettle bell…
Ok 12Ibl aint that much…is it? Maybe it was the exercises we were doing because by the end of it I had the rather wafer weighted version – the lightest one of the stack!

Don’t misjudge this form of training by any means people! It’s very intense and splits your core strength in two before chewing out every morcel of muscle that you previously thought wouldn’t split. I love this training! We did what was called ‘The Ribbon’ - an exercise whereby you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, your hands facing outwards clasping the kettlebell pointing diagonally down inline with your leg. This was the starting position. The idea was to swing from the face down starting position (let’s say the left leg) diagonally up and right over the right shoulder…loop round over the head and back down diagonally to the right leg – then change…and got the other way – create a fluent motion of a rhythm.
I ached for 3 days afterwards – but now I want some for home!  

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